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Learn about the “Cong Gio” – a nimble and adorable sea animal!

“Cong Gio” belong to the Ocypodidae family and are known for their agility and excellent self-defense skills. Despite their small size, “Cong Gio” are often considered the fastest runners on the beach.

Not only are “Cong Gio” skilled runners, but they are also famous for clever hunting techniques. During low tide, they scuttle across the sandy shore, leaving behind tiny tracks, and later retreat into the sand as night falls. It’s fascinating to see that they find cozy hiding spots without the need to construct elaborate burrows.

We often see these cute “Cong Gio” while strolling along the beach. These moments provide a delightful opportunity for kids to get closer to nature and gain a better understanding of the lives of these small sea animals.


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